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Talent Music Publishers

Missy's Melody

This simple tune is an excellent teaching tool, as well as a nice concert/festival piece for the Grade 1+ band.

Category:  Concert Band,
Composer:  Jorge E. Garcia

Price:  $35.00

Performance Notes: 

The key signatures are well within the capabilities of the Grade 1+ band (Eb major and Ab major). Both 4/4 and 3/4 meters are used.  There are articulations introduced and will provide a challenge for the ensemble.  1st clarinets are given the opportunity to use the Eb key in the clarion register.  Both Clarinet parts begin the piece with a trill utilizing the Ab key.  The Basses part is written for Eb and Bb Tuba and String Bass.  If String Bass is not used, the lower partial is preferred when possible.  There is sufficient doubling so produce a balanced sound.

Click to view sample Score Performance Level:  Grade 1+

Performance Time:  4:12 minutes


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