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Revelation March

This march in a minor mode is based on the Lutheran Hymn "Washed in the Blood of the Lamb."  It is a teaching piece for the dotted-eighth sixteenth figure and written for the section 4 band.

Category:  British Brass Band,
Composer:  Dr. Jorge E. Garcia

Price:  $35.00

Performance Notes: 

The key signatures are well within the abilities of the section 4 band (C minor and F minor).  As mentioned above, the piece is a study on the dotted-eighth sixteenth figure with staccato articulation and a slur study in the second theme.  It contains the use of grace notes and has a particularly entertaining part for the Xylophone.  It has an unusual ending on a sixth chord.

Click to view sample Score Performance Level:  Section 4

Performance Time:  4:31 minutes


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