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The Irish Blessing

The Irish Blessing tends to refer to a specific blessing that may be used in a toast at weddings or gatherings.  However, this Irish blessing is simply the most well known blessing.  The Irish are actually quite famous for a number of blessings and curses, so the term Irish Blessing is something of a misnomer.  This Irish Blessing is often attributed to St. Patrick, but that is likely confusion between the Irish Blessing and a much longer prayer called the "Breastplate of St. Patrick."  The author is unknown, and even dating the Irish Blessing is difficult.

Category:  String Orchestra,
Arranger:  Dr. Jorge E. Garcia

Price:  $25.00

Performance Notes: 

The piece is an excellent warm-up piece for concert or festival.  The cessura should be carefully observed.

Click to view sample Score Performance Level:  Grade 2

Performance Time:  1:44 minutes


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